Historian Fred H. Nicklason founded Nicklason Research
Associates in 1972. A professor of American History and Native
American Policy at the University of Maryland, Nicklason was
an ardent supporter of American Indian interests, and
believed that professionally trained historians and researchers
could provide invaluable expertise in finding historical evidence
for Indian land, accounting, water rights and other resource
management claims.

Together with historian Mark Leutbecker and a small team of
associates, Nicklason worked on behalf of
more than 80
tribes, finding key evidence to support hundreds of Indian
claims in state and federal courts. When Nicklason retired in
1997, Leutbecker became the firm’s director.

New federal regulations and a profusion of complex litigation
hinging upon past policies and practices created new
demands for historical research in the 1980s and 1990s.
Nicklason Research expanded its areas of expertise to include
environmental, cultural resource and military research, and we
broadened our services to include research and writing
interpretive content for exhibits and publications.  

Today, we remain a small but nimble firm based in the nation’s
capital, with a core team of associates whose passion for
history, dedication to our clients and skill at finding the
historical evidence they need is unsurpassed in the field. Click
here to find out more about our team, or
contact us to discuss
your project with us today.

Historical Research and Consulting Since 1972
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