Nicklason’s first foray into the field of content development
came in 1992, when an author working on a book about U.S.
presidents asked us to track down a photo of Richard Nixon
“looking charismatic.” We accomplished that mission, and in
subsequent years located images, letters, film clips and maps
for various historical book projects and other creative

Today, Nicklason has expanded its content development
capabilities. Our talented team includes associates
experienced in researching, writing and editing exhibit scripts,
corporate and institutional histories, and other history-based
publications. From conceptual development and interviews to
image-rights negotiation and final proofreading, our team is
equipped to handle interpretive historical projects of all kinds.

Examples of some of the content development work of
Nicklason associates:

• Performed research, interviews, writing and editing for 125-
page illustrated corporate history book (Client: Hotel chain)

• Found images, wrote captions and exhibit script for small
naval museum (Client: Museum fabrication firm)

• Curated exhibit at national conference for 50th anniversary
celebration, finding artifacts and archival documents for
display and writing exhibit text and labels (Client: Professional

Historical Research and Consulting Since 1972
Practice Areas: Content development
Library of Congress exhibition hall, 1900s.