Asbestos research

Nicklason aims to discover parties that manufactured, installed
or repaired asbestos products on
ships and in shipyards, and to identify potential exposure
through installation, maintenance, repairs or removal.

Our clients are plaintiffs’ law firms that represent clients who
have become ill or died after exposure to asbestos products.
Most cases involve plaintiffs who have worked in shipyards or
aboard Navy ships. Others served on Merchant or Coast
Guard ships. Nicklason does not contract with defense firms or
their representatives.

Over more than a decade, Nicklason’s dedicated asbestos
researchers have uncovered evidence that has led to millions
of dollars in legal awards to hundreds of victims of
mesothelioma and their families.

Environmental research

CERCLA to FUDS, Nicklason has the experience to
provide the research support you need.

Our researchers have documented the historical ownership,
uses and development of hundreds of federal, state and
privately owned sites—tracking down maps, aerial
photographs, deeds, inspection reports and correspondence
at repositories around the country.

Through meticulous, comprehensive research, we have
successfully pinpointed locations of pollutants and hazardous
materials left behind at these sites and the parties
responsible for leaving them.  

Some representative examples of our work in this field:

• Documented hundreds of munitions disposal areas, firing
ranges and ordnance storage sites at roughly 400 Army, Navy,
Air Force, Marine Corps and National Guard installations in the
United States and abroad, including numerous previously
unknown ranges and disposal areas, for MMRP range
inventories (Client: Environmental engineering firm)

• Determined 1960s state-of-the-art knowledge of nuclear
technology and its potential impact on groundwater, air and
public health for plaintiffs pursuing legal action involving a site
where nuclear power was being used experimentally (Client:
Law firm)

• Identified potentially responsible parties (PRPs) involved in
World War II-era lead and zinc mining activities on a
contaminated site in Colorado for litigation under the
Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and
Liability Act  (CERCLA)

Historical Research and Consulting Since 1972
Practice Areas: Environmental and Asbestos research
Detail of map showing a former New York state rifle
range, 1940s.