Nicklason Research Associates was founded to assist Native
American tribes pursue claims and document their histories.
Using historical evidence to support American Indian interests
remains a core part of our business.

Nicklason has performed historical research and analysis for
82 tribes. Nearly 40 years in business has given us a deep
reservoir of knowledge of the holdings and policies of the
numerous government agencies and departments that have
records relating to American Indian interests, from the
Bureaus of Land Management, Reclamation and Indian Affairs
to the Interior and Justice departments.

Unlike other historical research firms that have worked with
Native American records, Nicklason is committed to working on
behalf of tribes, just as we always have. Some representative
examples of the work we have done for Native American

• Located a “lost” letter sought by other parties for 50 years
that documented the unconstitutional removal of gold from
American Indian land—a finding that resulted in a multi-million
dollar court award to the tribe involved

• Chronicled water use for domestic, farming and grazing
purposes from aboriginal times through the 1950s for a tribe
that fought and ultimately won a nearly century-long legal
battle over its water rights

• Documented the administrative history, existence of
boundaries and intent underlying an Executive Order addition
to a southwestern reservation for a Federal District Court
case to determine jurisdiction over the land

• Traced the expenditures of tribal funds over an 80-year
period to determine tribal benefit and validity of government
offsets in an Indian Claims Commission case

• Located hundreds of letters, reports, manuscripts and
newspapers detailing the culture, social organization and
political continuity of a Virginia tribe seeking federal
recognition. Documented tribe’s interaction with federal and
state government agencies from colonial times to the present

Historical Research and Consulting Since 1972
Group of Pueblo Indians at the U.S. Capitol, where they
appeared before the Senate Lands Committee, 1923
Practice Areas: Native American research