Maybe you work for an environmental engineering firm that
needs historic information for a federal site investigation but
doesn’t have staff experienced at performing high-level
archival research. Or perhaps you manage a cultural
resources firm that has plenty of in-house historical
research expertise, but lacks the time or budget to send
one of your staff to the National Archives, the Library of
Congress or any other research institution.

Either way, Nicklason Research can help. Our associates are
experts at finding historical documentation for projects large
and small, to answer questions both comprehensive and
narrow. We track down textual records, maps, photographs
and other imagery for endeavors ranging from complex
litigation and multi-million dollar federal contracts to one-
room museums and news broadcasts. We have experience
performing research at virtually every major federal records
repository, from the National Anthropological Archives to the
Naval Historical Center, and have reviewed hundreds of
collections at state, local, academic and private repositories
around the country.

Depending on the type of project and needs of our clients,
we also provide written analysis or creative content—
anything from simple research summaries to annotated
reports, from image captions to history books. For more
information about our particular areas of expertise and the
kinds of projects we've worked on, please visit our
American research, asbestos/environmental research and
content development pages.

"If I need Archives
research, I call
Nicklason Associates.
I've relied on Mark
Leutbecker and
other associates
there for years and
have used their
services in a number
of cases. Each time,
my clients have
received excellent
services at very
reasonable costs.  I
recommend them

-Arlinda F. Locklear,
attorney specializing
in Indian law

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